Main Products using Seedmo® are incredibly helpful
for urban agriculture, home gardening, promotional events and etc.

Cornuco®Easy Gardening

You can make your own flower pot with a foldable paper included.

The kit includes Seedmo®, paper flower pots(2pcs),
bed soil(or soil pellets) and observation diaries(2pcs).
POT SIZE 7cm(width) × 10cm(length)

Cornuco® Farm Bella

The kit includes Seedmo®s, bed soil(or soil pellets), an observation diary and an eco-friendly flowerpot.
POT SIZE 12.6cm(diameter) × 10.5cm(height)

Seedmo® Take-out Garden

The take-out carrier turns into a plant stand by being folded.

Components of kits may vary.

Seedmo® seedling starter kit

Kits for growing small seedlings

Sorts of Omicsis Seedmo®

Vegetables Herbs/Flowers
Cherry Tomato Rucola
Lettuce Basil
Red Kohlrabi Chamomile
Blue Mustard Catnip
Red Radish Garden Balsam
Carrot Rapeseed